Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Let's eat the Middle Class.

One of our country's long time hot button issues poor blacks was revealed again when hurricane katrina ripped the lid off the poor black neighborhoods in New Orleans. We heard politicians and activists accusing the Republican president of not caring about Black people/poor people/poor black people. I don't think that that is at all true. The president and his posse care deeply about "the poor' the destitute, infact he cares so much about them that he and his powerful elite buddies who control the country and the world want more people to be poor and desperate. If enough people are poor, uneducated and desperate they will do anything for money.

Let's face it the whole reason that so many of U.S.'s former sweat shop type jobs have gone to the least industrialized countries has to do with keeping labor costs low. Workers in this country don't want to work demanding jobs for little pay, which makes it difficult for the managers and owners to afford their two or three homes, yacht and French au pare.

If jobs get taken away what happens is you create a desperate class of people who will do anything for money; like rob the struggling middle class, sell drugs, rob banks, go to prison and make license plates or instead of prison; work at wal-mart for $5.00 an hour and hope they don't cut of your Medicaid.

What to do with the middle class? The Corporations who run this country really do need the middle class, someone has to stand guard over the starving class in order to keep the really rich safe.