Saturday, July 15, 2006

House being sold

Our house is now on the Market whew. I actually will not begin breathing again until it is sold.

Here is a link to our house

Anyway, we were going to wait until it sold to try buying another home but.... My wife saw a house here in Eugene that she loooooves, She could not just let it go, so we put an offer on it. The offer was accepted ( a funny aside. It all happened at the Oregon Country Fair. We put the offer in Last Friday ( seventh of July) before we went to the fair because the sellers wanted to look at and decide on an offer before they went to the fair. Later that evening right before the fair closed our realtor met with the sellers realtor at the Fair drum tower. He then met the sellers at the same place when they gave him the news.)

We are all loving life here in Eugene, I have gotten more exercise here than I did in Oakalnd and I have stopped using the car on a daily basis. (We will see how that works when it starts raining again.)