Sunday, February 24, 2008

Visitors From Foreign Lands

One exciting event that has brought fun and culture to our "white bread" house is Yuna.

Yuna teaches home economics at a high school on a small, tropical, Japanese (in the prefecture of Okinawa) Island. She came with a group of students from her high school, with an exchange program, that the high school where my wife teaches has been doing for the last 28 years.

Even though I have had a handful of friends from Japan, in my life, I still had stereo types of what the Japanese are like. For example: very efficient and clean, and loves to shop. None of the Japanese I have known really fit into that description, so you'd think that I wouldn't have been worried at all. Even the wife was worried that Yuna would not like our home.

As it turns out she loves kids, (the kids love her) she would rather go hiking than go shopping. (I took her to a shopping mall, after taking a long walk with the kids; she had about the same reaction to the place I usually have; "so many people, noise, lights, useless plastic objects, aaahhh") She also sometimes understands our sense of humor. Needless to say, she has been perfect fit.

When she leaves, she will be missed.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Amazing Things My Daughter Says

That she speaks is amazing to me.....Not because she had trouble with language acquisition or something, only because that is what it is like to be a gushing parent.

I was getting the 2 year-old to sleep, and could not reach my coffee, so I asked my daughter if she would grab it for me. I thanked her for doing me this small favor. Her reply was "That's what kids are for; to do favors for their parents."

........of course I could not just leave that where it was; I had to confuse her by suggesting that, that is not her life's purpose. I had to remind myself not to get too philosophical with the four year old, so, in the end I just agreed with her.

"hey would you do daddy a favor? Go to the store and buy me some beer, then go scrub the bathroom floor"


Monday, February 11, 2008


I am not sure what caused it, but about a week ago I suddenly had more energy. I found myself putting up shelves, cleaning the garage, and, actually keeping the sink free of dirty dishes. More sun.....the days are getting longer.

Even on cloudy and rainy days, I have had less of an urge to sit around all morning, nursing cup after cup of coffee; while I read blog after blog, New York times, or play scrabble on facebook.

It is amazing what an effect a few minutes more of sunshine can have.