Wednesday, June 07, 2006


We have moved! Yes, the sweetened condensed, canned version is that we packed up a couple of trucks and moved to the great Northwet. We have been in Eugene for about two weeks; it still feels like a vacation to me.

I just arrived back from Oakland, I had to go down so that I could check out the house a week before it goes on the market. The trip was to be an easy one, the boy and I drove down on Sunday spent the night at a friends house; then,on Monday morning I planned to go look at the house, spend a couple of hours tying up last minute things and finally socialize with friends or maybe even go to a show or two or three. But no! ( to anyone who is having thier house worked on in order to sell it, meaning you have a deadline, supervise the workers from start to finish, I made the mistake of assuming that the guy I hired was taking care of everything I had asked him to.)

I walked into the house at 10:00 Monday morning and did not stop working until 11:30 Monday night. Then on Tuesday (Independance Day) I spent three hours in the morning, while the painter took the day off, and three hours in the evening working at my house. I had planned to spend Independance day being independant of course. I did mange to go to a Barbeque for about four hours though, so all was not lost, I just did not get to see any fire works.

Then the fifth ( Wednesday) the day of our deadline, I showed up at my house around 9:00 am, the painter did not show until 10:00. I told him the day before that I had to leave the house at 2:00 so I could drive back to Eugene (about 650 miles from Oakland) and that I needed everything done by then. He left at 1:00 for lunch and did not come back untio 2:30. in the interim I hired my neighbor (who is also in the remodeling biz) to go to my house and be me so I could come home.