Saturday, April 22, 2006

Great new addictions.

The new baby is not so new, he is now a healthy, robust almost four-month-old.
( I know a lot of people who can tell you, if you dare ask, how many weeks and days their young babies are. I consistantly lose count after the third week and revert to " he's a month old" or "almost four-months.") He is still a very smiley baby.

About a month ago his sister had pneumonia we spent a hellish week staying indoors (it was also raining) while she recooperated. During this time I became hopelessley addicted to a web based game called Puzzle Pirates. (I am not including the link because I don't want to be held responsible for new addicts.) When you sign up to play you get this little piraty character that looks vaguely like a Lego person dressed in pirate clothes. You play a series of puzzles connected to sailing a ship, building ships, swordfighting and drinking. Your little character makes pirate money and can buy things like ships, houses, clothes and swords.

It is far to much fun and life like. Any way after Ruthie had her pneumonia The little one came down with a fever and was found to have Bronchialitis, he spent two days in the hospital. So he is this really pleasant kid but he has to go and get sick. Of course with two sick kids I spend another week waiting for them to get well and fall deeper into game addiction.