Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sometimes a great notion.

So, I had this well written, intelligent and witty posting about a current affair. I was in the middle of polishing it up to post for my adoring public, when...well how can I put this... reality, in the form of a neked two year old, came over and peeed on the floor. Then climbed up on my lap, jumped up and down then deleted everything I had written.

Now, instead of ground breaking opinion about current events, here is a blog about being a stay at home parent.

If you want to win that pulitzer or wow people with your writing, find a child free environment (Daddeeee I waant mmmy big girl pannnt....dadeeee uuuuaaaahhhh)

If only I had figured that out before I had kids.


TheBeansDad said...

Nice Ken Kesey reference.

And The Bean insists on Big Girl Pants too. Lately only the ones with Bert & Ernie... NOT Elmo.

Phil said...

Every single day some wonderful idea for a blog post enters my head, then the kids distract me and POOF it's gone.