Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Poster Children for re-production.

My daughter with her infectious grin, probably getting ready to attack me.

My two sun's.


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to post this in your comments section but I like your blog and think you may have a good chance of getting listed at our blog directory, "High Class Blogs."

We have way too many conservative blogs right now (they submit constantly) and we need some different perspectives.

Contact me at ethan@highclassblogs.com if you are interested.

Ethan Potter

Media Girl said...

Egads, the cuteness of your children is threatening my career path! Quick, put up a photo of a poo filled one-sie or something, before I drop out of college to run off and get pregnant...

TheBeansDad said...

You can have our Bjorn if you still want it. I just need to find it.
Or you going on Mondays or Thursdays?

And don't listen to "Ethan of Highclassblogs. I got an email from him too. Pretty much a scam / spam.