Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hey why not Blog.

I have given in to the current Blog trend and have created my own. Though I don't plan to write strictly about politics I am not sure that it can be avoided, I am sure that one more writer blah blahing about politics won't hurt and I am sure the politicians will Love the attention.

I am a full time parent I currently do not have a paying job. I won't go on, and on ,and on about how difficult this job is or how cute my kids are but that will surely be some of my content.

I do try to stay informed of the hi jinks of our political leaders. I could not vote if I didn't stay informed, this is pretty easy because I don't watch Fox. ( I don't own a TV. Why watch tv when I get get even more useless information on the internet.) I listen to NPR to get a somewhat liberal veiw of things then listen to Pacifica for the ultra left I like to believe that I get a fairly balanced look at what is going on.

I have never voted for a Republican, call it genetic, my grandfather had a name for the party that represents big business, Damnrepublicans. Yes it is one word. He lived in Utah so I am sure that he said it every morning while reading the paper, I never knew the man but he managed to influence me.

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Phil said...

Funny, my great-grandfather also called them the "Damnrepublicans"... He was a lifelong Democrat in Idaho.

I've never voted Republican because my dad is one, and I always do the opposite of what he does.