Monday, May 23, 2005

Just trying to relax.

Last Friday I went into same day surgery to have part of my intestine tucked back into it's proper place and restrained. ( bad intestine! bad!) The downside of this is that for a few days I would be in pain and I would have to spend a lot of time laying down. The upside of this is that I would have to take lots of pain pills and spend a lot of time laying down. For me this meant no cooking dinner, no diaper changing, and having my wife (who is in the first tri-mester of her second pregnancy. Which means, for those who don't know, about two months of fatigue and nausea.) wait on me.

That fantasy lasted for the first two days. On Sunday I spent the day at my friends house on their couch playing computer Games while their kids played with my daughter Ruthanne. Today possibly to get back at me for spending so much time lazing around, my wife became too sick to go to work and too ill to do anything for herself. So, we are both home and both pathetic. Apparently I am suffering less than her because she is talking about what she doesn't want me to do if she dies before the pregnancy is over. Her only request is that I don't move to Salt Lake City (my hometown) and raise our... if she is dead then that would be my daughter... Daughter in the land of Zion as a non-Mormon with a chip on her shoulder.

Lets face it if you are a non-Mormon in Utah the chances that you have a chip on your shoulder are pretty good. It is hard not to be a minority anywhere and not have issues about not being in the majority so, it is only natural that non-Mormons find something to complain about. The issue that I remember hearing the most complaints about is the lack of places to drink alcohol, lack of good alcohol to drink and all the laws in place to keep it that way. This is such a non issue, I don't even want to talk about it. Besides I live in Oakland California now where it is easier to buy booze than it is to find a gallon of Milk.

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Solitaire said...

Welcome to the wild Wonderful world of blogocity. I love putting thoughts where the world can view them but find, just like in real life, nobody really cares enough to comment. Are we turning into a world of monologists?

Hope all the family is well RSN.