Thursday, June 09, 2005

How I learned.

When my wife went back to work after my daughter was three month's old; I was naively looking forward to being at home all day..with the baby. I knew that I would get all kinds of things accomplished, house projects, I would write War and Peace, My daughter and I would go on all kinds of outings to the zoo, museums, and for the first time in years I could go hang out at the local coffee shop.

Mostly I stayed home and played video games. Oh, and I took care of my daughter who really did nothing but sleep, eat, poop and cry. This went on for about three months, by then My six month old daughter was insanely bored. She would sit despondently looking at her toys then at me and back again. Then an idea bubble appeared over my head. " play with her." I got down on the floor and started to play. "Wow...Ruthanne You are no longer a blob vaguely resembling a frog any more." (it's true she looked like a frog when she was born, so did her older brother.)

Now she is two and we have a blast with eachother. Today we spent good portion of the day coloring. I draw something she colors over it , she dictates which crayons I get to use and the amount of time that I get to use them. (She has learned from mommy that it is better that I don't think.) Also she will spontaneously erupt into expressive dance routines, when she first started this habit she would only do it when she heard a banjo, now she does with all the music we listen to.

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