Sunday, August 07, 2005


I was in my car driving my dear son to school one day, when traffic stopped. Is this something worth writing about? traffic in the Bay Area is almost always stopped.
True so true.

In the five minutes that we were at a complete standstill I noticed the view in my rearview mirror. The grill of a yellow Hummer...just sitting there with everybody else, all 7 billion tons of gas guzzling expense. Next to me was a Porsche, about as expensive but not as impractical.

My thoughts turned to the amount of money we spend on these hunks of metal, how much time we spend earning the money to pay for them and how much time we spend sitting on freeways while our engines are running, spewing chemicals in the air that we can not breathe; Whew.

Wait, there is more, I hope I haven't completely lost the one person who is reading this. With my very rudimentary understanding of the origins of physics and other related sciences, I started thinking about the "visionaries" like Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac newton etc. How much time they must have spent discovering... the things they discovered... all the other Science oriented folks, who helped bring about the human races ability to produce a big hunk of metal that has more power than most of them could imagine; sitting there, just sitting there, in traffic barely moving.

What a Waste!

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