Friday, November 04, 2005


Hey, I was serious about hearing from a non-liberal or from anyone for that matter. there must be someone who can give me a good reason for cutting Medicare, farm subsidies and student loans instead of raising taxes on the "rich"

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Sepp Dietrich said...

Well, it's obvious to any school child that government handouts are indicative of the creeping tide of international socialism and must be eraticated immediately. First you give poor people an education then they want to move into your neighborhood. That leads to inter-racial dating which leads to an overall deterioration of community morals. I, sir, am for traditonal family values that is why I'm agains maternaty leave, subsidized child care, food stamps for the children of the poor and universal health coverage. If the poor cannot afford to pay for these things themselves, then they shouldn't be having chidren. Lets get the government off the people's backs and while were at it lets have more wire-tapping and drug testing. I believe in freedom except when it comes to women being in control of their own bodies and when it concerns dictators that sell us oil. Yes, I love America but I'm just not that crazy about most of the people in it.

Sepp Dietrich
Retired Military.