Friday, November 04, 2005

Terrible Twos

My little girl is about 2 and half now and has pushed me to the brink of admitting, that the "Terrible Twos" as a stage, is real. I don't remember the boy going through a stage like this, sure, he had his moments but mostly he was a mellow dude.

What the girl does, is follow me around the house and tug at my pants, tries to rustle me to the ground and is constantly asking to be held . Are these bad things? You ask (sorry to put words in your mouth) Even now while I am writing this all important blog, she is crawling all over me.
Clearly, she is starting to realize that she is a separate person and not physically part of her mom and me.

The other behavior she is exhibiting is the one where she gets into things that I don't want her to get into and thinks it's a game when I tell her not to. This is much more irritating than the above behavior.

The real problem is that I do not interact with her enough, I need to adjust instead of expect her to "behave". Yes, it is true that when the house needs cleaning, I have to put her on hold but when what I am doing is not at all important I should give my time to her instead.

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