Friday, February 15, 2008

Amazing Things My Daughter Says

That she speaks is amazing to me.....Not because she had trouble with language acquisition or something, only because that is what it is like to be a gushing parent.

I was getting the 2 year-old to sleep, and could not reach my coffee, so I asked my daughter if she would grab it for me. I thanked her for doing me this small favor. Her reply was "That's what kids are for; to do favors for their parents."

........of course I could not just leave that where it was; I had to confuse her by suggesting that, that is not her life's purpose. I had to remind myself not to get too philosophical with the four year old, so, in the end I just agreed with her.

"hey would you do daddy a favor? Go to the store and buy me some beer, then go scrub the bathroom floor"



Matawheeze said...

As her grandmother I'm all in favor of her first bit of philosophy and all too familiar with the second! May you have luck erasing her memory of that one.

Beat Dad said...

I think that Ruthie has a really good b.s. detector. She knows when a request is totally ridiculous.

Olivia said...

what a sweet, sweet girl! and smart, too...

too many of the kids i know are the ones ordering their parents to buy them beers and scrub floors... a refreshing role reversal:)

Beat Dad said...

I seem to have gotten lucky in that respect.

erlybird said...

Hey Dad...Saw you read the Manhood entry. I am glad you found me. I am glad I found you. The blog looks very interesting and I will be back frequently.

As for my two boys and getting them to go to sleep. The first one required a rhythmic spanking on a well diapered ass...the second one needed me to pull on his little ears.

As for tricking them into do favors ...I have no rival. They actually fight over who gets to go into the scary parking garage to put the trash away. The Baristas at Tully's on the next corner know my order so I can send either of them on a "mission" anytime I like. I am training them to do the grocery shopping next! Then the laundry!

So, I would not discourage your daughter if I were you. ;-)

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Laughing. Kids say the darnedest things.