Monday, February 11, 2008


I am not sure what caused it, but about a week ago I suddenly had more energy. I found myself putting up shelves, cleaning the garage, and, actually keeping the sink free of dirty dishes. More sun.....the days are getting longer.

Even on cloudy and rainy days, I have had less of an urge to sit around all morning, nursing cup after cup of coffee; while I read blog after blog, New York times, or play scrabble on facebook.

It is amazing what an effect a few minutes more of sunshine can have.


Randy said...

I have lengthy bursts of energy whenever I'm coming out of a depressive spell or when I'm just nerved-up. Actually, I'm pretty tense most of the time, which is why my faithful LDS wife pushes me to attend my Zen sittings. She knows what's good for me.

Dad Stuff said...

Could we have some of your extra sunshine?
You're snowman picture is hilarious.