Sunday, June 29, 2008

Carry On Abroad

We are two weeks into summer vacation now, and we have spent most of our time working in the yard. Our garden is huge and is putting out at least, a ton, (A TON!) of veggies. It is great since we have little to spend on food.

My natural reaction to my wife having time off is to travel. This year is no exception; but travel this year is less likely to happen, not just because of gas prices. We have our livestock to take care of, our garden and yard still needs maintaining and, well, the major thing for me is getting myself acclimatized to Eugene.

Yes, I am still a bit homesick for Utah, (many ex Utahans don't get this.....sometimes I don't either) I can't put my finger on "one" reason why I miss the place; still the fact that I miss it remains; I also miss the SF Bay area.

So, staying put is a pretty good idea for me. If I visit Utah it will just feed my malaise.

We were even planning a trip to Moab this year......sigh......
On another note, when I was looking for pictures of Moab, I found this NY Times travel article about Moab and its environs. Take a look at the slide show. Their photographer needs to get out more. From this slide show, one would think that the only thing to see in the entire area ,around Moab, is Delicate Arch....(I am rolling my eyes)....


sideon said...

Even 10 years living away from Utah, I have my moments where I miss it - big time.

Mostly I miss my friends there.

It's nice when they come out this way and visit, too.


I'm overdue.

Randy said...

Nothing wrong with missing Utah. Whatever you may think of the predominant cultural influence there, the scenery is breathtaking and people are, for the most part, just like people everywhere else. We were just in Logan a coupel of weeks ago for a family reunion.

OTOH, there are faithful Mormons who moved here to Louisiana to get away from the Wasatch Front.

ScottyDoo said...

See, and here I am homesick for the Pacific Northwest. I've been in Southern Utah for 9 years now and wish dearly that I were back up in the northwest. I miss my friends as well.

I absolutely LOVE Eugene, though it has been many years since I've been there.

People down here think I'm crazy for wanting to leave. Regardless of the predominant culture, it's just not my kind of place. I'm a green trees, mountains and water kind of guy. The Oregon coast is one of my favorite places in the world.

I can't wait to get out of Utah.

Beat Dad said...


I understand your dilemma well.
What is funny; my favorite days in Utah are the green wet ones. Now that, that is what I live with most of the year I miss the desert. The summers here are great, I love hiking on the coast, and Eugene I find, I like better than Salt Lake, in some ways.

If you get up this way, drop me a line.

Jess said...

Who is this broad who is supposed to carry on? :-)

I miss Utah too... I miss the big thunderstorms, and the smell of the mountains, and the improbable rocks. I miss bird sanctuaries in the salt desert, the cooling of the day and the warmth of the summer nights, and that weatherman who got so excited when he coined the term "Hatu". Sometimes, yes, I even miss the life I had when I lived there, and I definitely miss the dearly loved people I spent those years with.

Of course, Santa Cruz totally rocks, and Eugene ain't so bad either ;-)

I love it when you blog about Utah. Write more often!