Monday, October 17, 2005

Okay, Okay, here is a cute kid story.

One morning about a month ago after I had finished my shower and went to turn off the water, something broke. I turned the faucet and turned but the water kept gushing out. I sent Alpha out to get a screwdriver, a wrench and to turn the water off. Has anyone else done plumbing in the nude? well I have. I took the handle off, unscrewed the stem and found that one of the washers was stripped.
Later on, after Ruthie and I came home from dropping the boy off at school and going to the hardware store with supplies to fix the faucet,I found out just how traumatized Ruthie was from the faucet being disassembled. She went straight into the bathroom, grabbed the wrench and tried to put the faucet handles back on.
After finding that she was not able to fix it, she started to cry; not a "things are really bad here dad" cry but a " things aren't bad yet dad, but if you don't come in here and help me soon things will get bad. Especially since I can't handle having shower parts all over the bathroom floor" kind of cry.

As I sat there on the edge of the tub and put the faucet stem back together, Ruthanne continued to help by handing me screwdrivers, faucet parts, wrenches, rubber ducks and she even kept me hydrated. (Toddlers are really capable of so much.)
She was very glad that, when I was finished, the floor was finally clean but she kept telling me that she wanted to do it. It's time to get this girl into a small engine repair of plumbing class.


Chocolate makes it better said...

he's great when they want to be involved.

Except of course when you go bungee jumping, skydiving, binge drinking or the annual chilli eating contest.

Playground in my Mind said...

Well you delivered on your promise: it is indeed a cute kid story.;) I like ur blog and have bookmarked it. Renee p.s. I found u via Chocolate Makes it Better's blog...I love his blogging. See ya.