Thursday, October 13, 2005

So, I haven't posted anything in at least a month; too long to have kept anyone remotely interested in my opinions, rants or humor. To add to this I have billed myself as a stay at home dad and I have not written any cute stories about my daughter; nothing... nothing about poop, funny things she has said, what she won't eat and what she will.

My excuse... well, the first that comes to mind is there are plenty of Mom's doing all of the above, and the second is that I am so intoxicated from being with my child that I cannot muster enough sobriety to actually write about her. It's true folks who needs drugs when you have a toddler running around?

They are humorous, playful, energetic and more abstract than Dali on acid, and all you childless folks who wonder why your friends who have kids have no motivation wait until you have a two year old child nuzzle your neck first thing in the morning and say "daddy."

It happened to me this morning and I almost did not make it out the door.

So much for not writing cute kid stories.


Matthew said...

Wait, I thought Salvador Dali was on acid. He must have been on something!

Chocolate makes it better said...

i love the flying run cuddles!!