Thursday, October 27, 2005

Not a Cute Kid Story

So, I have posted a couple of cute kid stories; now it is time for something less important, Politics. I could give my own opinions, they are many, more or less informed, almost exclusively informed by what I think is right. I won't go into that right now because it would be too long and maybe a bit boring. I have been perplexed by "Conservatives" since 1994 and Republicans since 1985, so I have some questions.

1. What does Conservative Mean?

2.What is wrong with having a welfare program for the working class?

3.Why is it okay to give huge tax breaks to corporations?

4.Why not give tax breaks to the middle class?

These are the only questions I could think up just now, I am running on two brain cells at the moment and one of them is trying to take care of an eight month baby. (too much coffee, not enough sleep and food.)

I am serious about these questions...really, now I need to find one to answer them.


John said...
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John said...
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John said...

I can try (and with less typos than my first 2 attempts).

The whole 'tax breaks for the rich' thing is a misguided slogan used by liberals to create class envy. It gets people to ask questions like...why don't we screw the people who make most of the money even more than we already are? Maybe we can bleed them to the point where they say the hell with all of you and either stop working the 80 hour weeks that keep their industries moving and keep all of us employed (and in the process make them 'rich') and become poor greeters at Walmart 4 hours a day, or take their money and move to Aruba and thumb their noses at the rest of us. Either way, a whole lot less stress, and a whole lot less whiners asking, "Hey, where's my piece of all that hard work you're doing?".

At some point, you take away Richey Rich's incentive to work his ass off to become rich. He's working nights, weekends, whatever because he wants to live on the golf course with his Mercedes, and entertain his friends in his skybox at the Niners game. Once you tax away enough of what he's making that you take away that dream, he's going to say "What am I bustin' my butt for?" He'll close up his business and apply for welfare, along with the 20, 50, 200, however many employees he used to hire because...what's the point of working?

Tax breaks are for everyone who pays taxes, and are usually a fixed percentage across the board. If a tax break is 5%, it's 5% for everyone and not just the rich, or middle class, or anyone in particular. Now it stands to reason, if you paid no taxes, you get no break. If you're middle class and paid...oh $10,000 in taxes your 5% is going to net less green than someone who paid $40,000 in taxes. But what isn't fair about that?

The guy paid a lot more so if there's a break coming, why shouldn't he get more of it? He's still getting the same percentage of what he paid that you're getting on what you paid.

If we're going to give everyone the same thing regardless of what they paid, just call it what it is. It's a government hand out and has nothing to do with taxes.

Does that help?

Just a view from a conservative working his butt off to maybe one day become one of those 'rich' guys, though I'm not expecting it.